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Bathroom Panels and Panelling

Bathrooms lend themselves perfectly to panels. They make a viable alternative to more traditional materials like tiles, and perform to the same standard. If you’re looking for a waterproof material for your bathroom, whether it be for a shower, the walls in your wet room, or something else altogether, panels are a great idea.


Bathroom panels generally do not require grouting, and they collect less moisture and condensation, which means that mould will find it difficult to grow. Dirt and grime are also more easily wiped away, which means that your bathroom will stay cleaner and more hygienic over time.

Stylish designs and easy to maintain

Panels are easy to maintain, and the time you’ll spend cleaning them is likely to be far less than with other materials. Often, panels are made from polymers which are extremely durable, and hard wearing. You’ll certainly get good use out of your installation. In fact any new installation should last for decades.

Bathroom panels look stylish too, and are available in as wide a range of styles and colours as other panel types. Most dealers will offer a good value price for installation as well.