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Insulated Panels and Panelling

Insulated panels are becoming increasingly popular with homes and businesses in the UK for a variety of purposes. These panels can be fitted to walls, roofing, ceilings and much more besides. Whilst they are more technologically advanced than other panel types on the market, they are still a very affordable option.

Reduce energy costs

Insulated panels essentially help to prevent heat loss from a room or building. With energy costs increasing all the time for both domestic and commercial property owners, the demand for energy efficiency improvements has increased as well. Insulated panels can form an integral part of an overall energy efficiency enhancement programme.

Insulated panels look essentially the same as normal panels, which means that there’s no need to compromise on aesthetics. The only difference is that they enclose a thin layer of insulation foam or material. Modern production methods ensures that nearly all insulated panels on the market perform to a very high efficiency level.

Other uses

As well as improving energy efficiency and reducing heat loss, insulated panels can also help to sound proof a room. The insulation within the panels helps restrict sound waves as well as heat waves, and can present a useful function in that respect.