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Wood Panels and Panelling

Of all the materials that panelling is available in, perhaps the most popular for property owners these days is wood. As we all know, there is no better look than a wood panelled room.

Timber panels give warmth to a room, and the overall look can be quite stunning. Pine has traditionally been the most popular choice, but there are many more options available.

A practical choice too

Wood panelling can also be installed for purely practical reasons too. Wood, particularly if treated with a varnish or waterproof coating, is very durable. Dark woods do not show up dirt like plastics or wallpaper would, and will not discolour over time either.

Wood is also less prone to damage or wear than a simple plaster and paint finish for example. This can make it a logical choice for many outbuildings or commercial properties, where walls and ceilings are prone to taking a bit of wear and tear.


Wood panels are also very versatile. Of course, it’s relatively simple to cut down the raw panels, to fit into any number of shapes and sizes. The result is that no matter what the shape or size of your room, it’s quite possible to install wood panelling at relatively low cost, and with minimal fuss.